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About Cold Suspenders

The book is deliberately shorter than a lot of books published recently.
The author wanted to write a book that was accessible to seasoned readers and to those readers who feel daunted by the prospect of getting through a novel two inches thick.

Cold Suspenders is set ever so slightly in the future. It could be now even.
It describes how Morton and his companion Katei battle to save the world from evil.

It is a tale of espionage, global warming, computer hacking and suspense. Oh, and a bit of romance as well

The hero, Morton, having awoken from a long cryogenic sleep has to work out why he was incarcerated, and then how to ameliorate the terrifying results of his partner's dastardly deeds.

To find how cold those suspenders are, and who the suspenders belong to, you will have to buy the book.

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