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Cold Suspenders

Cold Suspenders is set in the near future.
Morton Elise and his companion Katei Cooksie battle to save the UK from evil.

A tale of espionage, global warming, computer hacking and suspense. There is also a touch of romance.

Cold Suspenders is a paperback book by new author Alvin Finch.

It is written as a suspense thriller. It borders on science fiction, but is more about today's surveillance society. It explores ID cards, and the remote control of transport. It covers some of the terrorisim threats recently higlighted by the government and reported in the news media. e.g. BBC - "Hi-tech crime in the UK" BBC, Mirror Telegraph, and Independent .

We hope you find it a jolly good read!

It is somewhat shorter than the usual length seen in recent novels. This Is deliberate, as the author wanted to reach people who would feel daunted by the prospect of a 2 inch thick novel.

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Product details ˇ Paperback: 128 pages
ˇ Publisher: Grosvenor House Publishing Ltd (27 May 2008)
ˇ Language English
ˇ ISBN-10: 1906210896
ˇ ISBN-13: 978-1906210892

Fiction - Suspense - Novel

Just what is a Thriller or Suspense story?

Most authors and readers agree that the sudden rush of emotions, the excitement, sense of suspense, apprehension, and exhilaration that drive the narrative, are what characterize a Thriller. This can be subtle with highs and low or sudden breakneck pace. A Thriller should thrill!

The Thriller is a genre of fiction in which ordinary, everyday heroes pit there wits against evil villains, who are probably determined to destroy our hero, his country, or the stability of the world. This type of story describes high stakes, non-stop action, plot twists that surprise and enthuse, settings that are both vibrant and exotic, and an intense pace that never lets up until the final revelations and dénouement.

Thriller fiction can sometimes be referred to a suspense fiction. This type of literature characteristically demands fast-paced plots, with numerous action scenes, and limited development of characters.

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